Manoj is an avid Storyteller. He conducts workshops on Storytelling for Leaders addressing a range of corporate issues from Addressing Change using Stories, Stories to Build Brand, Using Storytelling to communicate “meaning” out of Data, Influencing using Storytelling and the like.

Manoj’s unique talent was honed in the last couple of decades through his corporate stint and his consulting experience, ranging across industries: Automobiles, Financial Services, IT Services, IT Products, ITES, Engineering Services, Pharmaceuticals, E-Commerce, Retail, HR Consultancy, Telecom and the like.

Manoj has coached more than 75+ professionals over 750 hours addressing a range of areas. He has completed more than 50 Design Thinking Cycles, producing more than 400 workable ideas. He has also facilitated about 2,900 days of Leadership Development Programs covering 23,000+ participants, including 6000+ Senior Managers and 2000+ Senior Leaders. He has also covered 100+ days of Assessment / Development Center covering 500+ candidates.

In his spare time, Manoj enjoys long drives and travelling to historically significant places.

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