The HRCN Leadership Excellence Awards are an independent awards programme. HRCN awards are audited by world’s leading consulting and audit organization. HRCN offers the program that can recognize top leaders in HR domain in more than 60 countries.  We partner with leading media publishers around the world to help your brand gain the best exposure in India and about.

Using our rigorous methodology, we gather and evaluate feedback and recognize Leaders in HR World who have built high-trust, high-performance company cultures. We have industry experts, big data analysts, highly effective public figures and young talent in our team, who are dedicatedly finding out the best practices and performances happening in the corporate and public sector.  Which includes a carefully analyzed data generated from 50 point check including Reputation, History, Complaints, Ratings, Satisfaction, Trust, Price, Customer reviews and excellence etc..

Our research is also  backed by data compiled from over 100 thousand  surveys around the globe.