Human Resources Capital Network

HRCN represents members in the Human Resources Profession across the India

HRCN  is the national voice on the enhancement and promotion of the HR Profession. With an established and credible designation and collaboration on national and international issues, we are proactively positioning the national human resources agenda in India and representing HR Profession with HR Associations around the world.

HRCN proudly and thoughtfully represents the HR profession in India on national and international stage. We are working with our counterparts to identify issues of common concern, share best practices and strengthen the HR profession. As the national voice of the HR profession, we lead the recognition, advancement and influence of the HR profession nationally and globally, all through a spirit of collaboration.

"The HRCN is a global network of HR Leaders. Our goal is to development and improve the effectiveness of professional people management all over the world. The Human Capital FReserach Network serves the specialized and ever-changing needs of any HR Leaders by being a provider of best practice resources, real-life applications and a connector to HR peers and industry leaders..."

- Sofi Zahoor

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