E=mc2 (Energy = Mission x Congratulations)

Do you want your employees to bring more energy to work each day? Then follow the simple formula ie Einstein’s original formula for the creation of energy. First, create a compelling vision for your people. Second while contributing to a mission and receiving cash rewards are critical, energy on a daily basis like genuine pats on the back. So be generous with your praises. Most people think good bossing is an art, and it is. But in this case, it’s also a science.

For each Olympic games, the Olympic torch is run across the host country, passed from one runner to the next. The process is symbolic of Olympics past, and it allows many people to be involved. Sometimes, however, the torch goes out. That’s why a small truck drives alongside the runners. Inside the truck is the mother flame, ready to relight the torch when needed. Employees need a mother flame too. They get tired and discouraged; their flames and their passions go out. When that happens, they need to come to you to relight them.