HR Effectiveness

HR Team – EffectivenessAt HumanCap We work with organizations to redefine and recalibrate their HR functions to thrive going forward. We assess an organization’s current state of HR. We examine different potential structures for the HR function and define key roles. We make sure HR has the talent it needs and identify the next-generation of HR leaders and how to put them in position to succeed

HR – Audit/Reports

We specialize in auditing HR processes and its impact on the goals of the organization. The procedure involves a systematic assessment of all aspects of the HR function, in order to ensure that regulations and corporate policies are adhered to. The aim is to learn in the process or discover, but not to test. We believe in philosophy that there is always scope for improvement.

Our audit process will provide certain advantages, such as linking the HR strategy, re-engineering the systems and processes, and refining the competency and functional effectiveness of HR systems